Meet the Spyder Five.

A snowmobiler. A journalist. A gearhead. A filmmaker. A mom. Five completely different people with one thing in common. A love of the open road. Meet the Spyder Five and learn what fuels their passion for riding.


Fred Rau

A well-known motorcycle journalist, Fred has experienced it all, logging hundreds of thousands of miles on a variety of bikes.


Faran Hearyman

After falling in love with the road while riding on the back of her father’s motorcycle as girl, Faran was ready to get back on the road.


Mickey Fisher

No map? No problem. A filmmaker and producer, Mickey embraces the idea that life is a series of detours like no other.


Daniel Bastien

His passion for powerful machines began with snowmobiles, but everything changed when he climbed on to his first Spyder.


Lamont Bryden

There isn’t a bike out there that Lamont can’t or won’t take apart, rebuild and modify – from flames to custom stitching to chrome.

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