June 4th, 2013

Lamonster: Spyderfest Report

Lamont Bryden

I don't think I can remember an event from which it has taken me so long to recover. I'm not sure if it was all the anticipation leading up to the event or the event itself, but I'm just now starting to feel like I'm getting caught up with the rest of life. I've been going to Can-Am® Spyder® events since 2008, and they just keep getting bigger and better. The turnout for this event was huge, with well over 1200 registered attendees. Folks from all over the country made their way to Springfield, Missouri for a week-long event hosted by a brand new dealership. As a matter of fact, the event started on Pit Bull Powersports’ seventh week of being in business. I would say they exceeded everyone’s expectations, and if it wasn't for the crazy cold and wet weather, it would have been a perfect event. 

I rode my new 2013 Spyder ST-S with trailer from my home in eastern Tennessee to Springfield for the event – a trip just shy of 700 miles. The days prior, I drove to Erie, Pennsylvania to have some custom graphics done for Spyderfest – a trip totaling 1200 miles. The week before that, I had some paint work done before doing the graphics, so you can see why I was a little burned out. So from the time I got the ST-S to the time I headed to Spyderfest, I had ridden just under 2000 miles in two weeks. That's not much if you're just riding, but I was doing a bunch of work to the ST-S, too.

Ready for Spyderfest with new paint, graphics and new Corbin/Lamonster seat

A guy on SpyderLovers that goes by NCSpyderRT (real name: Dan) asked if he could ride with Ron and I to Spyderfest, and we always welcome riders that want to ride with us. Sometimes they never want to ride again with us, but most of the time they enjoy the pace we set. We don't eat much along the way, and we don't stop long for fuel. We pretty much just get fuel and go. I could see that Dan was not used to this pace, and was pretty much just going with the program. He told us as much when we got there.

We made good time getting to Springfield, but it was Sunday. So by the time we got there, everyone had left.

As I always do on a trip like this, I headed right for the carwash to clean the bugs and grime off my bike. I can't stand a dirty bike very long. That night we checked in to the host hotel and then met up with Spyderpops and his crew for dinner at Lambert’s Cafe.

It was a nice day, all things considered. The weather was good. After 700 miles on the ST-S with the new seat, my butt still felt good, and I was ready to ride some more. You know it's a good day when you put that kind of miles on and you still feel good.

Monday we made our way over to Pit Bull. They had the registration booth set up, and folks were already getting their ride bags. The event didn't officially start until Wednesday, but there were plenty of early birds there. Little did I know, this was the calm before the storm. 

It really got crazy soon after this.

The next big event was the River Walk and, man, was that a sight to see. There were Spyder roadsters everywhere, and the line for food was about a half-mile long. I know this because my mailbox is a 1/2 a mile from the house, and it was pretty close to that. Even though the line was crazy, nobody seemed to care. They were all talking and having a good time with each other. 

I'm not sure how many folks they fed, but my guess was well over a thousand. There was plenty of food and drinks for everyone, and once again you got to see all the planning that went into this and the hard work all the volunteers were doing. They worked their butts off but never complained and always had smiles on their faces.

They must have fed over a thousand people

That night they had a huge bonfire with fireworks. This is also when the Pit Bull crew presented Seth with his new Spyder. Len and the Pit Bull crew did all the work on the bike and got a bunch of vendors to donate the products Seth was going to need for his new ride. It just so happened that I was accidentally shipped two Corbin seats before I came to Spyderfest, so I brought the spare with me to see if Len could sell it for Corbin. This was the first Lamonster seat produced by Corbin besides mine. And because it had a fuel door built in, it was just what Seth needed. Len asked me if I thought Corbin would donate that seat. I really wasn't sure, but I made a call to Mike Corbin, told him the situation and who it was for, and he agreed that it would be a good thing to do. That was pretty cool, and now I know I didn't get that extra seat by accident. Thanks for support, Mike.

When Len rolled the Spyder out of the trailer and gave it to Seth, pretty much everyone there had a tear in their eye. It was great to see the SpyderLovers family come together to help another member. This is just one of the great things that has come out of this club. You can see the joy in Seth's face. He really needed a new Spyder, too, after riding his for over 80,000 miles in all sorts of bad weather. This guy is one hardcore rider for sure. This was a great way to end a great day.

Seth receiving his new Spyder from Len 

The next big event was the Spyder Drag Racing. When Len told me he wanted to do this, I said I doubted many folks would want to race a Spyder and even less folks would want to watch. Boy, was I ever wrong about that. This event was a big hit with the attendees, and I got to tell you, I had a blast myself. I'm used to running bikes that are running low 12's and mid 11's. The Spyder was running 14's, but it was still a blast to run down the track. I had more fun burning off my tire at the start, but that's just me. We had all classes, including trailer-class racing, and there were plenty of gals on the track, too. This turned out to be one of my highlighted memories.


Racing on the dragstrip was definitely one of the highlights of the event for me

For me, the best part of SpyderFest was the people I got to know during the event. The weather got ugly toward the end, forcing many of us to stay in our hotels or hangout at the Vendor Village or Pit Bulls, but that turned out to be a real blessing for me. I got to really know some folks here in a much deeper way than ever before. I laughed with many and even cried with a few. I hope the folks I got to spend time with at Spyderfest got as much out of it as I did. The relationships I made with other SpyderLovers will last a lifetime. You are a very special group of people, and I'm thankful to be a small part of your life.

What an awesome group of folks

Enjoy all the pictures I collected during Spyderfest 2013. They can be seen on my Facebook page. The faces say it all.

Carney Gold River, Nova Scotia, Canada
July 22nd, 2013 9:26 PM

My nearest dealer is Full Throttle Power Sports, Dartmoutyh, NS

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